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Current Moon Phase

September 21, 2017,
10:30 GMT

Waxing Crescent

Sun-Moon angle: 14° 44'
Aspect: No major aspect
Illuminated portion of disk: 1.6%

Waxing Crescent

A waxing aspect is one that occurs during the first half of a cycle, as the cycle is moving from conjunction to opposition. A waning aspect is one that occurs during the second half of a cycle, as the cycle is moving from opposition back to conjunction. Even though the aspect name is the same (e.g., waxing square vs. waning square), the interpretations are subtly different, because the waxing aspect is in the "growth" portion of the cycle, while the waning aspect is in the "fulfillment" portion of the cycle.

An applying aspect is one which is moving toward exactness, but has not yet become exact. A separating aspect is one which has already become exact. In general, applying aspects are far more significant than separating aspects, because they indicate energies which are building toward a future climax. Separating aspects indicate energies which have already been released in some way.

Aspects on this page use an orb of 5 degrees applying and separating.

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